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New Work from Barbara Pratt

Primary Passage
Oil on canvas, 30" x 42"

"I was struck, from the beginning, by the beautiful primary colours in this image. The impact of colour, in the right place and time, with the right balance and the right strength can never be understated. The primary colours, red, yellow and blue are what make up our world and to see them separated and then coming together is a wonder to me.

The 'primary' reference is also related to the grain cars. Grain, moving through the mountains on its way from Canada's prairie to ports in Vancouver and then out into the world is of primary importance to our economy and, in fact, our identity.

The passenger cars represent something of primary importance to me, personally. It is on the train, traveling through the Rocky Mountains that I have found some of the most inspiring images I've seen. The train rejuvenates me. It's where I'm headed now and why I'm missing this show.

The word passage, means the act of moving through or past something, on the way from one place to another. It is also a noun which refers to a "narrow way" allowing access between two rooms, or buildings, or, in this case, walls of rock. So, in the case of my title, this train is on its way from the prairies to the sea, through the mountain passage.

The title is significant to both the freight train and the passenger train as it refers both to the important passage of grain and my own passage."

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